Bacteria! Our constant companion

Bacteria Resistant High High Pressure Laminate

It is estimated that the overwhelming majority of living organism on earth are bacteria. They are our constant, invisible companions and many of them are pathogenic. The consequences are infections and allergies that are passed from organism to organism. The more efficient the transmission, the faster the pathogen spreads and unfortunately, our globalised world also facilitates the movement of bacteria.

Protection thanks to our antibacterial laminates [ HPL ]

Our Bacteria Resistant Laminate,  GETALIT® bacteria ultra resistant & GETALIT® bacteria resistant guarantee additional effective protection in the fight against bacteria

Bacteria Resistant High Pressure Laminate

View a copy of our Bacteria Resistant Laminate brochure which also includes further information on the ULTRA Resistant option when certified quality has been specified offering a 99.9% bacteria reduction after 7 hours in accordance with the internationally recognised Japanese standard, JIS Z 2801.

Bacteria Resistant Laminate

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