Cut to Size Worktops

We take your idea, plan or freehand sketch from the drawing board to the finished product!

Buying your chosen worktop already cut to size, jointed, shaped and edged has to be the best way to achieve a professional, quality finish to your worktops. A factory finished product will create a superior look to your worktops, far better than can be achieved in your home, balanced on a carpenter’s trestle!

Have a look at the two images shown below, both images have been sent to us, one by a very pleased customer and one by somebody who wished they had been a customer! What do you think?

Quality Bespoke Worktops

Off The Shelf Worktops

Square edged worktops are very popular with today’s kitchen designers especially if curved base units have been incorporated into the design, however the radius of these curved units differ from one manufacturer to another and therefore an off the shelf “one size fits all” does not work!

We often use the phrase – if you can draw it – we can make it – and the examples below confirm the many unique worktop shapes we have produced, all through our BespokeDesign Worktop Service!

Through our BespokeDesign worktop cut to size service we offer the following services:

  • Worktops cut to exact size
  • Corner joints & Butt joints prepared
  • Finishing of worktop ends
  • Cut outs for inset sinks/hobs
  • Radius Corners – Any Size
  • Angled ends
  • Special Shapes
  • Rear cut outs

We also offer all our worktops in uncut worktop blanks, straight off the machine, for those of you who have your own cutting equipment. Worktop blanks cannot be cross cut to approximate sizes as there is no in between service available, it’s either Cut to Size or Full Blanks!

A horror story about worktops edged in the home!

In February 2014 we were sent the following images from somebody who had just had a new kitchen installed and the joiner stated that he was experienced at edging worktops in the home.

As you can see from the images the front edge of the worktop can only be described as extremely poor – the result of an experienced kitchen fitter who sadly didn’t have the necessary experience when edging worktops.

Besides the crude attempt at edging there were also two other issues with these worktops.

The first issue is that sparkle effect edgings are not recommended to be used on curves – the reason for this is that the sparkle effect in this type of laminate worktop is created by pieces of foil and when the edging is curved around corners, on occasions the foil can pop out.

Please note: We do not offer any sparkle effect laminate worktops.

The second issue is that the worktop with the curved corner was made from an off the shelf square edged worktop which was turned around so that the back edge became the front edge. The curve was machined and then the whole of the rear edge of the worktop was then edged, including the curve, however the joiner didn’t remove the waterproof kraft paper which is found on the back edges of worktops and literally applied the new edge to the kraft paper!

Please carefully check that your chosen installer can produce a factory finished worktop edge before placing an order for uncut worktop blanks!

Prices | Quotations

Bespoke Worktop Service - hand drawn sketchEvery worktop layout we produce is unique to yourself and therefore it is not possible for us to produce a price list.

Most of the worktops we sell are fully machined to your requirements and we therefore request a dimensioned plan of your layout so that we can provide you with a FREE QUOTATION.

Once we have received your dimensioned plan, and please don’t think it needs to be a masterpiece – all we require is a simple sketch with dimensions [ as shown ], we will provide you with your FREE QUOTATION.

Sorry we are unable to give ” BALL PARK ” figures over the telephone!

All estimates/quotations are emailed to you so that there are no misunderstandings about what we have priced for.

To enable us to calculate your FREE QUOTATION, we do require to see your dimensioned plan or a list of worktop sizes. We also need to know the delivery postcode. Email your enquiry today via the form here where you can send a message & attach a copy of your worktop requirements. We have a dedicated estimating department operating behind the scenes and aim to turn your quotation around within 24 hours.

Manufacturing Time

Bespoke Worktop ServicePlease allow us enough time to safely and accurately produce your worktops.

Most of our orders are for cut to size and shaped worktops and within 3 – 4 weeks from receipt of an order we will be delivering the finished worktops to your doorstep!

Delivery times together with example delivery dates are provided with each quotation.