Curved Worktops – Concave or convex


A lot of today’s fitted furniture incorporates curved base units and curved end posts and will therefore require worktops curved to complete the design.


Curved worktops require to be square edged and therefore postformed laminate worktops are not suitable. All our laminate and solid surface worktops are available as square edged worktops and therefore also available as curved worktops.

We offer curved worktops in either laminate worktops or solid surface worktops complete with curves that match the radius of your end post or curved base unit. Concave curves & convex curves are made to whatever size is required for your kitchen units.

Obtaining the radius of the curve can on occasions be difficult, however it is important the correct radius dimension is used in the initial calculations so that the curved worktop traces the radius correctly.  See further information on how to calculate the radius of your curve.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

The minimum radius size that can be edged is 40mm for both concave and convex curves. Curved worktops available up to 4050mm long and 1200mm wide. Curves available in 23mm / 40mm Getalit Laminate Worktops or 10mm / 40mm Getacore Solid Surface Worktops.

Curves on worktops are also used to create stunning island worktops or desktops. Almost any shape can be produced within an overall size 0f 4050 x 1200mm – let your imagination run wild! A total of six different radius sizes were used to create this 3000 x 1200mm desktop.