Quality Laminate Worktops

Quality Laminate Worktops offer extraordinary stability, superb finish & an enormous range of decors to select from…. and all at an affordable price!

Our high Quality Laminate Worktops are offered with a choice of edge details and worktop thickness to allow you to create your own stunning design.

Laminate Worktops available up to 1200mm wide without a joint.

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Postformed Laminate Worktops
39mm Postformed Worktops
39mm Thick Square Edge Laminate Worktops
39mm Square Edge Worktops
23mm thick Square Edge Laminate Worktops
23mm Square Edge Worktops

We work with Getalit high pressure laminates on our Quality Laminate Worktops collection for the simple reason that we believe Getalit laminates, manufactured in Germany by WESTAG AG, are the best you can buy in the UK and backed up with a 10 year warranty & completely bacteria resistant.

All our Laminates are Bacteria Resistant.

With 92 decors of laminates to choose from, our quality, high pressure laminate worktops offer you the most comprehensive collection of worktops available from a single manufacturer in the UK.

Select from UNI COLOURS, STONE REPRODUCTIONS and WOOD EFFECTS, all available cut to size, shaped and edged to your requirements, up to a maximum overall finished size of 4070 x 1200mm.