23mm Square Edged Laminate Worktops

23mm Quality Square Edge Worktops
Section through 23mm Square PP edged worktop

Laminate worktops with a polypropylene edge [ PP ]

22mm quality chipboard substrate type P2, faced with 0.7mm thick high pressure laminate [ HPL ]. The front edge is edged with the matching 1.5mm thick polypropylene edging [ PP ] offering a square edge worktop The underside of the worktop is balanced with a laminate to stabilise this thin, contemporary worktop.

23mm PP square edge worktops are available either as uncut worktop blanks for cutting & finishing on site by you or your joiners, or as fully finished worktops via our BespokeDesign service.

Uncut worktop blanks available in the following sizes:

Worktops: 4100mm long.
650mm deep with 1 long edge PP edged.

Breakfast bar worktops: 4100mm long.
1200mm deep with 2 long edges PP edged.

Additional PP edging is available by the metre, however, none is included with an uncut blank.

BespokeDesign: All 20 decors in the 23mm thick PP square edge worktops, including the 1200mm wide breakfast bar worktop, are available cut to size, jointed, edged, inset sink/hob cut outs together with full radius curves to suit your curved base units, concave & convex, with a minimum internal radius of 40mm.
Any size panel can be manufactured up to a maximum fully finished panel size of 4050 x 1200mm, without any centre joint in the panel.

23mm Square Edge Laminate Worktops are available in 20 carefully selected colours, which can be viewed below.
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