40mm Postformed Laminate Worktops

These worktops are the most popular choice of worktop & manufactured by forming [ bending ] the laminate around the shaped chipboard core without any joint along the top of the front edge.

The formed edge has a 4mm radius on the top and bottom edge [ 7mm on high gloss laminates ]with a flat area in between, giving the effect of a square edged worktop, however the process of postforming cannot be shaped to match the radius of the curved base units used in today’s kitchen design.

All 104 decors are available as a 40mm Postformed Laminate Worktops option and offered in full un-cut worktop blanks at 4100mm long, formed along 1 long edge in widths of: 600mm | 650mm | 900mm | 1200mm.
Breakfast bar worktops are available in full un-cut worktop blanks at 4100mm long, formed along 2 long edges in widths of: 670mm | 900mm | 1200mm.

Please note that uncut blanks manufactured at 4100mm long will normally achieve a finished length of 4050mm once the worktop has been trimmed.

All postformed worktop options, with the exception of 1200mm formed 2 long edges, are available through our BespokeDesign service offering fully machined worktops to your layout including cut to size and edged, corner joints formed including supply of biscuits, bolts & adhesive, curved ends – subject to restrictions, cut outs for inset sinks/hobs and angled ends.

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