Worktop Delivery Service

We offer our Worktop Delivery Service to all areas of mainland England, Wales & Scotland.

We operate a one man Worktop Delivery Service and therefore the delivery vehicle needs to be met by at least ONE person who is use to handling heavy products.

As we offer worktop sizes up to 4050mm long, 1200mm wide & 40mm thick there will be occasions when more people will be required to assist with the unloading of the vehicle and then for you to get the worktops into your premises.

The drivers of the vehicles are extremely helpful people and will assist you whenever they can, however their health and safety are of paramount importance.

Worktop Weights

Worktops are heavy products and to assist you when planning to accept your delivery we list below the approximate weight of 40mm quality laminate worktops as a guide:
4050 x 600 x 40mm worktop: 58.14 Kg | 9.25 Stone | 58 bags of sugar
4050 x 650 x 40mm worktop: 63.00 Kg | 10 Stone | 63 bags of sugar
4050 x 670 x 40mm worktop: 64.93 Kg | 10.25 Stone | 65 bags of sugar
4050 x 900 x 40mm worktop: 87.21 Kg | 13.75 Stone | 87 bags of sugar
4050 x 1200 x 40mm worktop: 116.31 Kg | 18.5 Stone | 116 bags of sugarA minimum of THREE PEOPLE required to accept this worktop size!

If you are unsure please ask BEFORE placing an order with us – all we can do is Google your postcode and advise accordingly based on what we see! If we are not made aware, you could be in for a disappointment/inconvenience on delivery day

To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail!

Each quotation we send out contains a copy of our Delivery – Important Information to Read document which explains your responsibilities should you decide to place an order with us. The document is an open and honest explanation of the way an order is dealt with and, due to the size & weight of the products we offer, the issues that can arrive from transporting long & heavy products. We ask that you read and understand the document BEFORE placing an order with us…we feel that it’s Important Information to Read!